The Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Marlies are proud to host our Women's Celebration Games on March 11.
Saturday, March 11, 2023
7:00 pm
@ Scotiabank Arena
Saturday, March 11, 2023
5:00 pm
@ Coca-Cola Coliseum

Women's Celebration Month is a moment to celebrate women of all backgrounds and from all walks of life. It serves as a reminder of the remarkable contributions women have made to our society. During this month, we also acknowledge that gender biases exist and continue to hinder the progress of women everywhere.

Our Women's Celebration Games are an opportunity for us to collectively amplify the efforts and voices of women to overcome gender barriers. We hope to uplift and support women and young girls in making strides towards equality.


Sports are more than just a game and in their nature bring people together over a common good. We want to foster an environment that respects all individuals of diverse sexual and gender identities to create a safe space for individuals to be their authentic selves.


Pronouns: Pronouns are used to refer to someone in a way that accurately reflects their identity. (She. Her. Hers. He. Him. His. They. Them. Theirs)

Lesbian: An identity for women who are attracted to other women.

Gay: An identity for people who are emotionally, romantically, or sexually attracted to members of their same gender.

Bisexual: An identity for people who are emotionally, romantically, or sexually attracted to more than one sex, gender or gender identity.

Transgender: A term that describes people whose gender identity is different from their sex assigned at birth.

Queer: A term that makes space for the expression of identities and orientations outside of rigid categories associated with sex, gender or attraction.

Cisgender: Refers to someone whose gender identity is the same as the sex assigned to them at birth.

2SLGBTQ+: Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, + is inclusive of people who identify as part of sexual and gender diverse communities who use additional terminologies.


Red = Life

Orange = Healing

Yellow = Sunlight

Green = Nature

Blue = Serenity

Purple = Spirit

Black& Brown = Represent Queer People of Colour

White, Pink & Baby Blue = Represent Transgender and Non Binary Individuals

Women’s Celebration Month Collection
Women’s Celebration Game Artist
Black Girl Hockey Club
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“This piece celebrates our achievements, as women, in the world of sport. The free flowing lines and colourfully bolded accents represent a woman's ability to be dynamically free-flowing, as they powerfully push beyond the limitations. The juxtaposition of the soft pastel palette against the strong stature of the three figures, speaks to the qualities that make women incredibly well-rounded athletes; embracing physical vigor, competitiveness and ambition but also the power to thrive on being empathetic, collaborative and expressive.”