Our organization is committed to furthering our efforts in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. We've provided our reasoning below to reduce violations of our online code of conduct. The answers below highlight our organizational stance on being activists for our community.
How about we focus on hockey?

Our organization’s primary focus is the on-ice performance of our team. That is a shared focus throughout the entire organization from ownership, management, team leadership and players and all our team staff. Our team takes immense pride in representing the great diverse city of Toronto. We acknowledge that not everyone in hockey has had the fortune of experiencing inclusion or access to our game without barriers, including members within our own organization. While our club’s focus remains on our on-ice performance and winning a championship, we also acknowledge that focusing on hockey can include using our voice to advocate for more inclusive and diverse hockey culture.

Why are you putting sports and politics together?

Sports are more than just a game; sports operate on the world stage and in their nature bring people together over a common good. Sports diplomacy can transcend cultural differences and bring people together. We recognize that sports can shape values and morals within society and breakdown social barriers, stereotypes, and prejudices. Therefore, the Toronto Maple Leafs and MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment) are committed to utilizing our platform to amplify and advance inclusion and positive social impact.

Why should we (the fans) care?

The Toronto Maple Leafs and MLSE are committed to address systematic racism and to advance inclusion and social justice. This promise is to our fans, our community, our partners, and our employees. What it means to be a Toronto Maple Leaf is to demonstrate Honour, Pride, and Courage. To have Honour by showing integrity and adhere to what is right. To show Pride by having dignity, being confident, and self-respecting. To demonstrate Courage by being brave and have the strength to do what may frighten others. These are the values we practice as a club, and we encourage all our fans to support our goal of ensuring every single member in our community feel valued and included within our sport and organization.

Why don’t you stick to sports?

In addition to being a sports franchise we also accept and embrace responsibility to be Change Leaders. The Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club have racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, and physical diversity within our own organization. We know the same to be true within our community and fans in Leafs Nation. We view creating an inclusive culture for our sport that eliminates social barriers and prejudice to ensure our beautiful game can be embraced by all, as sticking to sports.

What are you (the team/MLSE) doing beyond making statements of support to make a real change/impact?

Our organization has created an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion practice with the target to eliminate barriers, accelerate development and change lives for racialized and marginalized members in our community. Shifting the culture of hockey won't come from statements alone. We believe that action needs to follow and that the Toronto Maple Leafs can be leaders in growing that culture to be more inclusive and diverse. From programs that mentor and develop diverse talent pursuing careers in hockey, to making investments in local grassroots hockey programming that serve racialized and marginalized youth, we continue our commitment to creating new opportunities to foster inclusion and break down systemic barriers.

Social media community
Our social media channels are used to unite fans around the world and foster deeper connections between the team and our stakeholders. Our social media channels act as virtual arenas therefore we promote the same Code of Conduct and respectful behaviour as we would in Scotiabank Arena and all other physical venues.

The Toronto Maple Leafs want to ensure all fans feel welcome and safe and below are some simple guidelines to ensure that.The Toronto Maple Leafs and MLSE firmly stand against any discrimination or offensive communication and actions. If an individual violates any of our guidelines it will result in those comments being removed or their account being blocked from participating on our pages. Any content that contains:  

• Violence, fighting, threatening, taunting, physical or verbal harassment.  
• Making abusive, sexist, racist, homophobic, offensive or obscene remarks or gestures.  
• Disruptive, harmful or disorderly behaviour.

Please be aware that fans who continuously violate the above rules will be blocked from our pages. In this case the user would no longer be able to follow our news, comment on our posts or send us messages.